Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Recognition- September 2020

Featuring – Betty Anne Whitney

The Grand River Council on Aging (GRCOA) is proud to celebrate Betty Anne Whitney as the Volunteer of the Month for September 2020.

Betty Anne has known about GRCOA from its inception. She was convinced to volunteer after meeting with Lucy Marco for coffee one day, and agreed to help organize and facilitate, TACO Fest. Since that day, Betty Anne stated that she was “hooked”.

With a natural inclination towards community service, Betty Anne joined the GRCOA as a Resident Board Director in May 2019.  Although TACO Fest was cancelled this year due to the pandemic, she continues to serve in the Fundraising Committee, which is currently researching and developing long term strategies to help make the GRCOA more sustainable.

As a retired Educator, Betty Anne has over 30 years’ experience in Education as an Elementary School Teacher and Principal. She also worked as Coordinator of Special Education and as Principal of the Grand Erie Learning Alternatives, an alternative high school and adult continuing education program for Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk.

She is currently the President of the local district 40 RTOERO, Retired Education Workers, and member of the Canadian Federation of University Women. She remains an active volunteer and her legacy and contributions have supported many social service and educational organizations such as Nova Vita, Soroptimist International, St. Leonard’s, Ontario Trillium Foundation, and the Grand Valley Education Committee.

Betty Anne has a genuine interest in increasing the quality of life in our community and it is with sincere appreciation that the Grand River Council on Aging acknowledges her volunteer contributions. Thank you, Betty Anne in helping us encourage an age friendly community and promote the voice of Elders.

We appreciate you!


Volunteer Recognition- August 2020

Featuring – Kathy Poirier

The Grand River Council on Aging (GRCOA) is proud to announce Kathy Poirier as the Volunteer of the Month for August 2020.

In 2010, Kathy joined the GRCOA as a part time coordinator and for the past 10 years has been a driving force in the development of the organization….sometimes as a staff member and always as a volunteer.  Today, she volunteers as a member of the Board of Directors and is acting as the Treasurer.

Kathy brings many years of employment and community connections to the GRCOA.  Her employment background includes child care management and social housing management through the YMCA.   This experience was taken to Habitat for Humanity as the Executive Director and then to the GRCOA.

Kathy’s demonstrated experience in counselling, teaching, coaching and training was instrumental in recruiting volunteers.  Her talent for writing has resulted in articles that have greatly contributed to Brantford/Brant residents becoming familiar with the impacts of an Age Friendly Community on their lives.

Kathy’s organizing skills have had a lasting legacy in the community.  She was the original organizer of the “Workshop on a Bus” that ran for seven consecutive years until COVID 19 canceled it.  She was the organizer behind bringing former Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion to Brantford and to presentation of a “Musical Matinee” at the Sanderson Centre.

“TACO FEST” was developed by Kathy to become the signature fund raising event for the GRCOA, another event cancelled as a result of COVID 19.

Today, as Treasurer, Kathy is involved in the researching and planning for the financial future of the GRCOA.

Kathy’s commitment has been evident in all the time and expertise she has devoted to the Grand River Council on Aging in its dedication to encouraging the development of an “age-friendly community” for all residents from 5 to 105!  Kathy has been a continuing part of its successful journey!



Volunteer Recognition- July 2020

Featuring – Jim Harder

The Grand River Council on Aging (GRCOA) is pleased to declare Jim Harder as the worthy recipient of the July Volunteer Recognition.

Jim first came to the GRCOA when he was part of a small delegation from the Retired Teachers Organization (RTO).  After that first meeting, Lucy Marco asked if any of the retired teachers would be interested in board membership, and Harder answered the call.

Throughout his teaching career, Jim taught every grade level with a focus on special education and was a principle at several elementary schools.  Over the years he gained valuable insight and experience that served him in good stead when he rose to become a Department Head at a local high school for 9 years. Teaching was not his only focus during those years for as a dedicated family man, he and his wife proudly raised their family of five. In his spare time, he was a volunteer hockey coach for more than twenty years and still coaches sports today

As a resident of Paris, Jim brings County experience and knowledge to the Board of Directors. Over the years spent with the GRCOA, Harder has been part of many planning initiatives and endeavors with a prevailing focus on what might be best for the seniors residing in the County of Brant. When asked for a special memory of his time with the GRCOA, he answered simply, “all of it”.

As a quiet, unassuming gentleman, Jim thinks before he speaks and when he does, he presents different viewpoints and diverse ways to look at a given situation. Time after time, Jim has proven to be a dependable, reliable volunteer.

Whenever there is an event or activity for the GRCOA, Jim has been there as a member of the Board of Directors and a volunteer; be it the Musical Matinee, the Age-Friendly Summit, Taco Fest, or others.

As a member of the Brant County Accessibility Committee he was proud to witness the E-Rider transportation program released in late 2019. Wherever he goes in the County, he wears his “age-friendly” hat while continuously promoting the efforts of the GRCOA.

In the City, Jim provides his “age-friendly” perspective to the annual Jane’s Walk (Asset Based Development Collaborative) and to the GRCOA input relative to the City of Brantford planning initiatives.

With sincere thanks to Jim, The Grand River Council on Aging is still growing and evolving in its dedication to encourage the development of an “age-friendly community” for all residents from 5 to 105!



Volunteer Recognition – June 2020
Featuring – Peggy Wickham

New Monthly Recognition Program
The Grand River Council on Aging (GRCOA) is proud to announce Peggy Wickham as the first recipient of the newly established Volunteer Recognition Program.
In 2010, recently retired and looking for volunteer opportunities, Peggy chose the GRCOA and during her stint, was present for much of its’ growth and progression. As a life-long volunteer, she also worked full-time and raised a family, all while negotiating the rewards and challenges of being a military wife

Over the years, her employment history and her very employable skills, had a significant bearing upon her volunteer choices. She spent her career counselling, teaching, coaching and training always with the view to help people understand what they had to offer. She is blessed with keen intelligence and wit and is strong in planning, development and implementation.

Peggy joined the Grand River Council on Aging in 2010 and held the office of Secretary and a member of the Executive Committee until 2018. She was also a major contributor to the Communication/Education Committee that created the Workshop on a Bus concept. An accomplished proof-reader, Peggy’s skills have contributed to internal and external publications and the web site.

Peggy was an integral member of the Age-Friendly Summit Working Group that went on to host two information sessions and eight community forums designed to determine what seniors want and need in order to create age-friendly communities. The resulting Community Impact Report included 628 suggestions from the residents of Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations of the Grand; its contents still guiding planning efforts
When asked about her favourite moment or memory from the GRCOA, Peggy quickly answered, “oh, it has to be the first Workshop on a Bus!” She then went on to describe how much fun that first bus trip was and her pride in the way this event has continued to be of strong appeal and value to seniors for seven years. Peggy continues to be involved and is a regular member of the Communication/Education Committee and remains available as an editor for any new work published by the Council on Aging.

With appreciation to volunteers like Peggy, The Grand River Council on Aging is still growing and evolving in its dedication to encourage the development of an “age-friendly community” for all residents from 5 to 105!