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Social Participation

An age-friendly community should have affordable, accessible and conveniently located events, activities and opportunities for older adults to socialize. Social participation consists of joining in cultural, recreational, educational, spiritual and faith based activities within the community such as exercise classes, computer courses, local events like fairs, crafts, card games, etc.


Churches in the Brantford Area. – CLICK HERE


Book Clubs-Brant:  The County of Brant Library lends book club sets for your home group, or join our library book club. – CLICK HERE

Book Clubs-Brantford:  The Brantford Public Library holds a book club that meets in the Library or lends book club sets with the Book Club in a Bag program to start a club. – CLICK HERE

Brant Camera Club: The Brant Camera Club invites everyone to learn and share the love of photography.  – CLICK HERE

Garden Club:  The Brantford Garden Club is a horticultural society involved in maintaining the city waterwise demonstration garden, holding the annual flower and garden show and plant sale. – CLICK HERE

Genealogy-Brant County Genealogy Club: – CLICK HERE

Pickleball Club:  Pickleball is a sport played on a surface similar to tennis with a net similar to tennis, a court size similar to badminton, a whiffle ball and paddles similar to ping pong. It’s fast, social and takes about 45 minutes to play a match with 2 people playing 2 others. – CLICK HERE

Probus Clubs:  Six local Probus Clubs hold regular gatherings for semi-retired and retired people that appreciate and value opportunities to meet with others with similar interests.  Click on the link and review the list for the contact information for four women’s and two men’s clubs. – CLICK HERE

Red Hat Society:  The Red Hat Society is a playgroup for women created to connect like-minded women, make new friends and enrich lives through the power of fun and friendship. – CLICK HERE

Sewing Club: The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers a sewing club. – CLICK HERE

Stamp Club-Brantford:  The members of the Brantford Stamp Club are committed to collecting stamps, postal history and related items. – CLICK HERE

Walking Groups/Clubs:

The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers a walking club: – CLICK HERE


Computer Access: The Brantford Public Library offers access to computers and the internet.  Support is also provided to those just learning how to use computers. – CLICK HERE

Computer Courses:  The Brant Skills Centre offers free computer and essential skills programs.  -CLICK HERE

Cyber-Seniors:  Cyber Seniors offers FREE one-on-one support to teach you how to video chat with your friends and family, order groceries online, schedule appointments, and stream entertainment. Call 1-844-217-3057, email, or visit the website to register for free webinars or to schedule free one-on-one help over the phone or via video conference. – CLICK HERE


Virtual Cooking Classes:  Seven Chefs are answering cooking questions, doing demos and giving tours of their homes, all for free.– CLICK HERE 

Cooking Skills Instruction:  Lessons include tools and supplies for cooking, knife skills, basic skills for cooking, and pan  frying and sautéing. -CLICK HERE

12 Free Online Cooking Classes:  From Gordon Ramsay to Michael Symon, the best chefs are offering free cooking classes. -CLICK HERE


Brantford Film Group: The Brantford Film Group brings high quality films from across the world to our community that would not normally be screened in local theatres. Closed until COVID lockdown lifted – CLICK HERE

Music for Seniors: Music for Seniors is a live music sharing creative aging movement. – CLICK HERE

Radio Recliner:  Radio Recliner features real resident DJ’s from retirement homes from around the country who broadcast music and stories from their rooms.  -CLICK HERE

THIRD ACTion Film Festival:  This virtual film festival offers an entertaining and educational experience that redefines the narrative around aging. -CLICK HERE


Billiards/Pool:  The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre has two billiard tables and two pool tables. – CLICK HERE

Brain Games and Puzzles: See the links below for a full range of free games from cards to casino, sudoku to puzzles. BRAIN GAMES SUDOKU  JIGSAW

Cards: The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers bridge, euchre and cribbage. – CLICK HERE

Carpet Bowling: The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers carpet bowling. – CLICK HERE

Darts: The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers darts. – CLICK HERE

Shuffleboard:  The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers shuffleboard. – CLICK HERE


Art Programs:  The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre provides registered art programs including painting and drawing for seniors. – CLICK HERE

Gardening-Community Gardens: Brantford Community Gardens, Inc., established in 2009, is an all-volunteer organization, dedicated to the promotion of locally grown, organic produce. – CLICK HERE

Gardening-Community Gardens:  Brant County Community Gardens provide assistance and support to a vast network of community garden projects. – CLICK HERE

Genealogy:  The Brantford Public Library provides access to the best genealogy and local history resources. -CLICK HERE

Knitting: All Free Knitting is a free signup site to access over 1,000 free knitting patterns for happy stitching, from beginners to advanced. – CLICK HERE

Reading- The Brantford Public Library:  The Brantford Public Library has a full complement of books as well as e-books and other online resources. Sign up for the library’s digital membership card that was created for those who do not already have an account. – CLICK HERE

Reading-The County of Brant Public Library:  The County of Brant Public Library gives you access to online learning, research, eBooks and so much more! – CLICK HERE

Rock Painting:  Check out the Brantford Painted Rocks Facebook page to get inspired to create small works of art and messages of gratitude for others to enjoy! – CLICK HERE

Wood Carving:  The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers wood carving. – CLICK HERE

Life Long Learning:

Laurier Association for Lifelong Learning:  The Laurier Association for Lifelong Learning (LALL) is a unique option for adult learning. Courses are non-credit and are intended for personal interest and self-education. The distinction between a LALL course and a university course is that LALL courses have no exams, no grading and no prerequisites. –CLICK HERE

Laurier Lifelong Learning at Home:  Laurier University offers a number of recorded lectures. – CLICK HERE

Mindful Activities:

Meditation:  The YMCA offers a choice of free online mindful meditations to calm the mind and restore the spirit. – CLICK HERE

Yoga:  Wake up with Yoga Instructor, Laura Stefankiewicz, provides a Wednesday morning online free Hatha Flow yoga class to help calm the mind and reduce stress. – CLICK HERE

Yoga: The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers gentle yoga classes. – CLICK HERE

Tai Chi:  The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers tai chi. – CLICK HERE

Physical Activity and Exercise in the Community:

Dance: The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers line dancing, belly dancing, clogging and zumba classes. – CLICK HERE 

PACE:  The Grand River Community Health Centre provides physical activity groups for individuals. – CLICK HERE

S.A.F.E. Zone:  S.A.F.E. Zone is a free falls prevention exercise program designed by health professionals to assist seniors in the community to remain independent. Attend a free class in the community. – CLICK HERE

Physical Activity and Exercise On Line:

From Soup to Tomatoes: An Ontario based Diabetes Association developed this unique armchair-based exercise program for seniors that helps people achieve basic health and mobility goals. – CLICK HERE

S.A.F.E. Zone:  S.A.F.E. Zone is a free falls prevention exercise program designed by health professionals to assist seniors in the community to remain independent. Watch a fitness video online. – CLICK HERE

Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre online videos: WGSC is sharing workouts from their certified personal trainers. – CLICK HERE

YMCA at Home: YMCA at Home is a new virtual platform that provides the ability to connect with YMCA programs, activities, and instructors without leaving the comfort of your own home. – CLICK HERE


Bird Watching: The Grand River Conservation Authority encourages birding as being as easy as stepping out into your own backyard or walking to a nearby park or natural area. – ALL TRAILS or  GRAND RIVER

Biking Trails: The City has more than 90 km of trails and 18 km of bikeways. With so much to explore, several maps and routes have been developed to help you navigate your way in and around Brantford by foot and bike. – CLICK HERE

Dog Parks- Simply Grand Dog Park: The County of Brant dog park is intended to remain as a natural area. – CLICK HERE

Lawn Bowling: Brant County- Play a game of lawn bowling at one of the local clubhouses (seasonal use only). – CLICK HERE

Pickleball:  The Beckett Adult Leisure Centre offers pickleball. – CLICK HERE

Rec At Home Program:  The County of Brant has created a program to encourage physical activity at home.  People can sign out equipment, yoga mats, I Pads and light weights to use at home.  Contact Lisa Koekoek.  519-442-7268 This program is for people in Brant County. – CLICK HERE

Senior Social Clubs:

Beckett Social Club:  A social club for senior to participate in activities and share fellowship. – CLICK HERE

Charlotte Street Seniors Club:  A social club for seniors with programs, activities and potluck dinners. – CLICK HERE

Eagle Place Seniors Club:  A social club for seniors with weekly activities. – CLICK HERE

King George Seniors Club: A social club for seniors with weekly activities. – CLICK HERE

Paris Seniors Club: A social club for seniors with weekly activities. – CLICK HERE

Woodman Seniors Club:  A social club for seniors with weekly activities. – CLICK HERE

Senior Travel:

Senior Travel Considerations:  The Government provides resources on issues travelers over 60 years of age may face. – CLICK HERE

Social Support Programs:

A Friendly Voice:  A Friendly Voice is a great resource for seniors who may be feeling lonely or isolated. Call 1-855-892-9992 to connect. Please keep in mind that A Friendly Voice is a social program; it is not a counselling service, crisis line, or referral service.

Adult Day Programs:  Adult Day programs provide a day out for seniors and adults who require additional support to participate in social, physical and therapeutic recreational activities. – CLICK HERE

Buzz Me:  Seniors and Kids Intergenerational Programs ( SKIP) has launched Buzz Me, a program where seniors can call in to chat with a volunteer, engage in friendly conversation and learn about local resources. To speak to a SKIP volunteer call 211 and ask for “Buzz Me” or call 1-866-999-2899

Haldimand Abilities Centre:  The Haldimand Abilities Centre is a community partnership between theAlzheimer Society Haldimand Norfolk, Vision Loss Rehabilitation, a CNIB Foundation and Head Injury Rehabilitation Ontario.  They provide specialized programs and services that are tailored to participants with a variety of abilities. -CLICK HERE

Healthy Aging Without Walls:  This free interactive telephone-based program connects older adults with one another from the comfort of their home. – CLICK HERE

Social Network: Join Senior Planet for 60+.   Free online programs every week to keep learning, connecting, and exploring. – CLICK HERE

Virtual Tours:

Brantford and Surrounding Communities:CLICK HERE


     Chicago Botanic Garden: – CLICK HERE

     Keukenhof, Amsterdam, Holland Garden:  -CLICK HERE

    Miracle Gardens in Dubai : CLICK HERE

    RHS Wisley Garden, Surrey, England: -CLICK HERE

     United States Botanic Garden, Washington, DC: -CLICK HERE

   The Grand Canyon:CLICK HERE


National Parks of of WyomingCLICK HERE

Open Doors Ontario: The Ontario Heritage Trust works with communities across the province to open the doors, gates and courtyards of their unique and most fascinating cultural sites so you can explore the stories inside. -CLICK HERE


     African Lion Safari Ontario: – CLICK HERE

     Brantford Twin Valley Zoo: The Brantford Twin Valley Zoo is bringing its most friendly and fascinating animals  to your home with its virtual tour. CLICK HERE

     Toronto Zoo:CLICK HERE

Train Rides:  Experience 13 Virtual Train Rides from around the World. – CLICK HERE