Age Friendly Info Hub

Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

Age-friendly outdoor spaces and parks are those that are clean with outdoor seating, well maintained sidewalks, curbs to accommodate wheelchairs, accessible washrooms, safe streets and pedestrian crossings, and all well lighted with legible signage. Buildings and businesses should be secure, welcoming and accessible with adequate lighting and elevators, stairs with railings, wide and automatic doors, wide aisles and accessible parking.

Accessible Parking Permit:

The Province of Ontario issues accessible parking permits to a person or business and not a vehicle. Learn more or apply for an accessible parking permit. – CLICK HERE

Community Gardens:

The City of Brantford describes the many community gardens that enable growing healthy food as a community. – CLICK HERE

Gardening Seminars:

The City of Brantford runs gardening seminars to help you learn how to design an eco-friendly garden, use rain barrels, mulch and much more. Gardening Seminars have been cancelled for 2021. Watch for updates – CLICK HERE

Parks and Nature Attractions in Brantford:

Canada Tripadvisor reviews and offers photos of parks, gardens & other nature attractions in Brantford. – CLICK HERE

The County of Brant Parks:

The County of Brant provides a full listing of Parks, Trails and Outdoor spaces and activities in Brant County. – CLICK HERE

Trails-City of Brantford:

The City of Brantford outlines trail safety, trail map, and current closures. Trails are paved or have a stone surface and are great for running, biking, or hiking. – CLICK HERE

Trails-County of Brant:

The County of Brant has trail systems  that stretch over 70 kilometers and are ideal for hiking, jogging, cycling and interacting with nature.  – CLICK HERE

Snow Shoveling and Leaf Raking Help-City of Brantford:

The City of Brantford site describes getting help with or volunteering to help with snow shoveling or leaf raking through Brantford’s snow buddies program. The City will have updates in the fall.  – CLICK HERE

Snow Removal:

The City of Brantford offers access to a city program that removes snow at the end of driveways following a snow storm. – CLICK HERE

Snow Buddies-County of Brant:

The County of Brant helps those who need assistance find a nearby neighbour who can help with basic snow removal (on your property). – CLICK HERE

Waterwise Landscape Recognition Program:

The City of Brantford offers information about the City Waterwise Landscape Recognition Program and how to enter your garden to see if it qualifies as a waterwise space. Call the city at 519-759-4150 to ask if the recognition programme is still on this year. – CLICK HERE