Master Aging Plan (MAP)

The Grand River Council on Aging is proud of the work done in the community in order to develop the Master Aging Plan (MAP)!

Following the publication of the MAP in 2008, a great deal of work has been accomplished in this community.  Indeed, the city of Brantford and the County of Brant are credited with leading the way in the Province of Ontario. Many, many other communities have asked us how we did it.  Two of our Board members, Lucy Marco and Jean Kincade, called ‘community activitists’ by some, are more than happy to share their expertise and knowledge about older adults and what they need, want and care about!

The Master Aging Plan is a “strategic plan” for an age-friendly community, contains 99 recommendations and was developed “by seniors for seniors”.

According to the World Health Organization, (WHO),the Master Aging Plan, as a first step would be called the “Planning” Phase towards the development of an “Age-Friendly” City.

The Grand River Council on Aging worked to create the Implemenation Plan in order to address some of the goals and objectives first identified in the MAP.  The Implementation Recommendations were published in an effort to prioritize some of the many recommendations of the Master Aging Plan.  This step is called the “Implementation” Phase.

More recently, the Grand River Council on Aging submitted to the City of Brantford, its written comparison of community results since the MAP was produced. Our information was included within a report written by City staff and it contains details of the changes that have taken place since the MAP that can actually be traced back directly to it.  According to the World Health Organization, this work would be called the “Evaluation” Phase as a community works towards an “Age-Friendly” City.

The final phase or stage of development according to the World Health Organization, is the “Monitoring” Phase.  This period of time would be when the community and its agencies and organizations would review and track the changes occuring in their municipalities.  The Grand River Council on Aging has developed its COMPASS project to conduct the monitoring in our communities.

To read the complete reports, please click on the links below.

Master Aging Plan: Complete Booklet
Master Aging Plan: Implementation Action Plan
Master Aging Plan: Updated Community Results for Brantford / Brant County as of October 8, 2013

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