Age Friendly Info Hub


The availability of affordable housing that both meets the diverse needs of people as they age and is in their community of choice is crucial to an age-friendly community.

211 Ontario:   The Province of Ontario developed a list of local services related to housing options, long-term care and retirement homes. – CLICK HERE


Ontario Seniors Homeowners Property Tax Grant:   The province outlines information if you’re a low-to-moderate income senior on how you may be eligible for up to $500 back on your property taxes. – CLICK HERE

Housing benefits:  The Federal Government outlines information on the GST/HST new housing rebate, and financial assistance to repair homes, improve accessibility of housing for disabled occupants and increase a home’s energy-efficiency. – CLICK HERE

Home Share Toolkit:

The Burlington Age Friendly Council provides a guide to explore Home Sharing as a way to empower home providers and home seekers with the ability to live in affordable, shared accommodation inclusive of respect, choice, dignity.- CLICK HERE

Housing Options for Seniors:

The Provincial Government presents a review of the many options for living arrangements for seniors including long–term care homes, retirement homes, rental housing and other housing options. – CLICK HERE

The Ontario Retirement Home Regulatory Authority provides a data base to assist in the search for the right retirement home. The Retirement Home Database includes a comprehensive history of a retirement home’s safety track record. – CLICK HERE

Housing Options for Seniors in Brantford Brant:

Long-Term Care Homes-Brantford Brant:  Long-term care homes are for people with significant health challenges and cognitive impairment who need 24-hour access to nursing care and supervision. Long-term care homes are also known as homes for the aged or nursing homes. – CLICK HERE

Retirement Homes-Brantford:  Retirement homes (or retirement residences) offer rental units for seniors, ranging from independent living with little or no outside help, to more complex care. – CLICK HERE

Seniors’ Apartments-Brant:  Seniors’ apartments are generally for seniors, 55 years and over, who can live independently. Most of the apartments listed below provide rent-geared-to-income units in addition to market rates. – CLICK HERE

Brantford Native Housing:  Brantford Native Housing was founded in 1986 as a non-profit charitable organization to provide housing for people of Native ancestry who are of low income. – CLICK HERE

Affordable Housing Brantford-Brant:  There are many affordable housing units in Brantford and Brant County.  View the list below for a full list of affordable housing options. – CLICK HERE

Aging in Place: Aging in place means having the health and social supports and services you need to live safely and independently in your home or your community for as long as you wish and are able.

Directory for Aging In Place: This government directory is information on planning for aging in place with factsheets, checklists and videos to support seniors as they plan for the future today. – CLICK HERE

The Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation:  Aging in place success stories. – CLICK HERE

Home Accessibility-Low Cost Solutions:   This article details solutions for making a home more accessible. – CLICK HERE

Home Modification Program–March of Dimes:  March of Dimes Canada’s Home Modification Program provides funding for basic home modifications. – CLICK HERE

Home Services- Installations  and Handyman Services:  The Home Depot brings you a data base of installers and local pros, who have completed a background check and are available to assist with your next project, big and small. – CLICK HERE

Home Renovation Funding:  The Ontario Renovates Program is designed to assist homeowners who need repairs or modifications to their homes. – CLICK HERE

Install a Grab Bar:  Any bathroom can benefit from the added safety of grab bars. Follow this easy step-by-step article complete with a list of tools and materials needed. – CLICK HERE

Metis Nations Of Ontario-Aging At Home Program:  Nancy Terris, Aging at Home Coordinator, provides support on an appointment basis.  Contact her at 519-757-9639 or email

National Aging In Place Council:  The NAIPC offers advice and resources for seniors considering aging in place. -CLICK HERE

Renovations-Bathroom:  The best ways to outfit bathrooms to help avoid falls and other dangerous situations. – CLICK HERE

Safety at Home Program:  The Safety at Home Program is a free program that promotes independence and mobility through falls prevention education and at home safety recommendations. This program’s main focus is to keep seniors in their homes and keep them safe through reducing risks of environmental hazards in the home and referrals to other services.  CLICK HERE


Home Care-Housing Laws:  A care home is a rental lodging where healthcare services, attendant care, or help with daily living is provided. If you live in a care home, you are a tenant and have legal rights. – CLICK HERE

Long-Term Care Homes- Bill of Rights:  Bill of rights for people who live in long-term care in Ontario. – CLICK HERE

Renting:   What tenants need to know about the law. – CLICK HERE

Rent increases:  Get resources on rent increase guidelines and where to go if you need help. – CLICK HERE