Food & Restaurants – Brant

Information in this directory was collected, and will be monitored, by a team of Grand River Council on Aging Volunteers. The GRCOA does not endorse any specific business and the information provided on the website is for informational purposes only.

When contacting businesses, don’t hesitate to confirm that senior discounts still apply with COVID restrictions.

Grocery Stores/ Supermarkets Stores

27 Beverly St. W., St George, 519-448-1333
Discounts for 65+, available Wednesdays

21 King St., Burford, 519-449-5666
Discounts for 65+, available Wednesdays

Oliva Market
114 King St. W, Burford,
Discounts for 55+, 10% off product, available always


2 Rivers
25 Grand River St. N, Paris, 519-442-3233
Discounts for 65+, available always

Asian Court
300 Grand River St. N, unit 6, Paris, 519-442-9828
Discounts for everyone, order must be $50 or more, available always

The Full Plate

30 Paris Rd., Paris,  519-302-0150

Discounts for 60+, senior menu, available always