Age Friendly Info Hub

Community Support and Health Services

In an emergency contact the Crisis /Emergency number, dial 911 or Brantford General Hospital number 519-752-7871

In an age-friendly community, health and social services should be available and easy to access by phone, online and in person. These services should also meet the range of health and wellness needs older adults might have.

Assistive Devices:

Assistive Devices Program:  March of Dimes Canada Assistive Devices Program assists adults with physical disabilities who are in financial need to purchase assistive devices. – CLICK HERE

Brantford Immigration Partnership:

The Brantford Immigration Partnership:  The Brantford Immigration Partnership (BIP) is a dedicated group of community partners who are working to ensure that the City of Brantford continues to be a welcoming and inclusive community for all. For more information and view newcomer stories – CLICK HERE


Canadian Caregivers Resource:  Stories For Caregivers is a collection of resources to assist caregivers. -CLICK HERE

Caregiver Helpline:  The Ontario Caregiver Helpline provides resources for caregivers. Contact 1-833-416-2273 for more information. – CLICK HERE

Caregiving:  The Ontario Government provides access to information and resources to support families and caregivers of seniors. – CLICK HERE

Caregiving Strategies: Regional Geriatrics Programs of Ontario offer access to strategies and supports to assist caregivers. – CLICK HERE

Ontario Caregiver Organization:  The Ontario Caregiver Organization provides the latest resources, education, and events to support caregivers. – CLICK HERE

Exercise and Physical Activity:

Benefits of Physical Activity:    Heart and Stroke Canada offers information on how regular physical activity can help you lose weight, stay healthier, slow the physical decline of aging, sleep better, reduce stress and more. – CLICK HERE

Exercise Tips for Older Adults:  The Government of Canada advises taking part in regular physical activity is key to improving wellness for older adults. – CLICK HERE 

Falls Prevention:  The City of Brantford offers the Let’s Stand Strong video. Falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults and can threaten independence. This session highlights ten tips for preventing falls both inside and outside the home. – CLICK HERE

Movement Guide:  Participaction offers Canada’s first ever 24hour Movement Guidelines for adults detailing what a healthy day should look like. – CLICK HERE


Healthy Eating Basics:  Heart and Stroke Canada promotes eating a healthy, balanced diet as one of the most important things you can do to protect your health. – CLICK HERE

Healthy Eating for Seniors:  The City of Brantford offers the “Let’s Cook Healthy” video. Cooking at home is important to stay healthy as we age. When you are alone it can sometimes be hard to stay motivated about cooking meals. This video discusses healthy eating for older adults, what nutrients to focus on and tips for making healthy meals for one or two. -CLICK HERE

Healthy Menu Planner: Dieticians of Canada developed information on nutrition, food and healthy eating as well as recipes, videos and interactive healthy eating. – CLICK HERE

Guide On How To Eat Healthy On A Budget:  Meal-Prepify brings you an in-depth article on healthy eating on a budget with sample meal plans and grocery lists. -CLICK HERE

Meals on Wheels:  The Red Cross Society offers the Meals on Wheels program which delivers affordable, nutritious and delicious meals to members of the community who are unable to prepare their own food. – CLICK HERE

Safe Access to Food: The City of Brantford presents information on food and meal support programs and modified store services. – CLICK HERE

Health Issues:

Addiction and Substance Use:  The Canadian Mental Health Association provides information on the spectrum of substance abuse. -CLICK HERE

Addiction and Mental Health:  The Brant Community Healthcare System provides programs and services based on recovery, striving to assist individuals in meeting their wellness goals, and transitioning to living well with community supports and services. -CLICK HERE

Alcoholism in Seniors: 

Alcohol Rehab Guide: To understand what leads to the development of bad drinking habits and the risks of drinking, view the Alcohol Rehab Guide. – CLICK  HERE

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings: Find out where meetings are run locally. – CLICK  HERE 

Allergies:  Learn how to help a Senior safely manage the allergy season. – CLICK  HERE

Allergy Support:  Find an Allergist/Immunologist in Brantford. – CLICK  HERE


Activity Kits:  The Alzheimer’s Society provides downloadable activity kits for seniors to enjoy.  -CLICK HERE

Alzheimer’s Medications-Are They Right For You?:  The Alzheimer’s Society provides an article that acknowledges that while there are no medications today that can cure Alzheimer’s disease, there are
currently four medications approved by Health Canada which can improve some symptoms for a period of time or slow the rate of decline. – CLICK HERE

Dementia- Finding Your Way Ontario:  Ensure people with dementia can live safely in the community by recognizing the risk of going missing, and being prepared for incidents of wandering. – CLICK  HERE

Guide to Understanding Unpredictable Dementia Behaviour:  The Alzheimer Society provides tips and strategies for care partners. – CLICK HERE for full version, CLICK HERE for condensed version.

IGeriCare:  McMaster University provides free online learning resources for dementia patients and their caregivers.  -CLICK HERE

Warning Signs:  The Alzheimer’s Society educates on Alzheimer’s disease, a brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills. Review the 10 warning signs and symptoms. – CLICK  HERE

Arthritis:  The Arthritis Society (Canada) teaches how to navigate life with arthritis with resources, workshops and online learning. – CLICK  HERE 

Brain Health: The Cleveland Clinic 6 Pillars of Brain Health illustrate how lifestyle has a profound impact on brain health. – CLICK  HERE

Cannabis Use:  Seniors Health 365 provides an in-depth summary of the use of Cannabis in seniors. -CLICK HERE

Cancer:  The Canadian Cancer Society presents up to date information on cancer, supports and services. – CLICK HERE 

Diabetes: Diabetes Canada provides a collection of over 50 tools & resources with the latest information to help people live well with diabetes. – CLICK HERE

Heart Health:

Heart Attack:  Heart and Stroke Canada teaches about the emergency signs of a heart attack. – CLICK HERE

Risks:  Heart and Stroke Canada identifies your risks for heart disease, including women’s unique risk factors, how to prevent heart disease as well as recovery and support services. – CLICK HERE

Vascular Cognitive Impairment:  Heart and Stroke Canada presents more about VCI—its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. – CLICK HERE

Incontinence:  WebMD gives the facts about incontinence, the treatments available, and lifestyle changes you can make so you can understand your condition and continue to do the things you enjoy. – CLICK HERE

Mesothelioma:  The Mesothelioma Centre provides information on mesothelioma, a condition caused by inhaling asbestos and how to fight this disease. -CLICK HERE

Mesothelioma: spreads awareness and helps people that have been hurt by asbestos find financial support. -CLICK HERE

Obesity in the Elderly:  Obesity Action Coalition provides a brief summary of the characteristics, risks, and treatment of Obesity in the elderly. – CLICK HERE

Oral Health:  WebMD provides tips and resources to support oral health in seniors.  -CLICK HERE

Oral Health- Good Health for Life:  The Canadian Dental Association provides an article identifying  5 Steps to Good Oral Health. –CLICK HERE

Osteoporosis:  Aging Parents Canada links to information regarding quality services, education and research to help Canadians take care of their bone health. – CLICK HERE

Parkinson’s Disease: The Michael J Fox Foundation teaches about resources, education and community supports for Parkinson’s Disease. – CLICK HERE

Prostate Cancer: The Canadian Cancer Society through Prostate Cancer Canada is the leading national foundation dedicated to the elimination of the most common cancer in men. – CLICK HERE

Sensory Loss:

Hear Aid Funding:  Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) is knowledgeable about the various funding and financial resources available for hearing aids and communication devices.- CLICK HERE

Hearing Loss-Counselling: The Canadian Hearing Society offers free counselling services to help you improve communication. – CLICK HERE  

Hearing Loss-Translation and Interpretation Services on-line:  The Canadian Hearing Society offers interpretation and translation services using video remote support.  Book a virtual appointment today. – CLICK HERE

Sensory Loss:  From hearing loss to blurred vision, aging adults often notice changes in their five senses. Home Instead Senior Care developed information about what to expect as you grow older, how to protect your senses and get expert tips for living with sensory loss. – CLICK HERE

Vision—Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Brant and Paris Family Eye Care produce information on macular degeneration, a medical condition which may result in blurred or no vision in the centre of the visual field. – CLICK HERE

Shingles:  The Mayo Clinic website provides an overview of symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications and prevention of Shingles.  Visit the site. – CLICK HERE 

Sleep Issues:  Matt Walker brings you 6 tips on how to get better sleep. -CLICK HERE

Smoking Cessation:  The Brant County Healthy Unit aims to protect people from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, prevent people from starting to smoke, and support those who want to quit smoking. -CLICK HERE

Stroke:  Heart and Stroke Canada provides resources to aid in identifying the signs of a Stroke. -CLICK HERE 

Stroke Recovery Self Management:  The March of Dimes After Stroke program provides resources, information and presentations on stroke recovery.  – CLICK HERE

Health Services:

Branford/Brant Community Paramedics: Paramedics are highly trained medical professionals who are able to provide a range of home-based services, focusing on certain health conditions. Community paramedics work with your healthcare team and community services to provide the care and services you need. You can be assessed and treated in the comfort of your home, removing barriers and connecting you with services when and where you need them. There is NO COST for any of our services, all funding is provided by various provincial agencies and ministries.  CLICK HERE

Brant County Health Unit:  The Brant County Health Unit provides programs and services to support health and wellness.  -CLICK HERE


211 Ontario:   A provincial information site lists of local services related to the services that affect the daily lives of seniors. Call toll free, 1-877-330-3213 – CLICK HERE

Addiction Health Crisis Line:  St Leonard Community Services include assessment, counselling, treatment, case management and peer support to individuals 16+ in the areas of addictions and/or mental health services.  CRISIS NUMBER – 519-759-7188 – CLICK HERE

Assaulted Women’ Helpline:  The Assaulted Women’s Helpline, telephone 1-866-863-0511, is a free, anonymous and confidential 24-hour crisis line. – CLICK HERE

Healthline:  Hamilton, Niagara, Halton, Brant Healthline informs on facilities and services that provide support, health care, and recreational and social opportunities designed for seniors. – CLICK HERE

Mental Health Crisis Hotline:  The St Leonard’s Society Crisis Hotline provides support locally.  Call 519 759-7188 or Toll Free 1 866-811-7188. -CLICK HERE

Nova Vita:  Nova Vita provides a 24 hour crisis support line and emergency shelter.  Call 519 752-4357 – CLICK HERE

Seniors Safety Line:  Elder Abuse hotline Call 1-866-299-1011  – CLICK HERE

Sexual Assault Centre of Brant:  The Sexual Assault Centre provides a 24 hour crisis and support line.  Call 519 751-3471  -CLICK HERE

Telehealth: Telehealth Ontario is a free, 24/7 confidential telephone service.  For health advice or information, call 1-866-797-0000. – CLICK HERE

Telemedicine:  Ontario Telemedicine Network offers 24/7 access to doctors in your area. – CLICK HERE

Medical Support Services:

Dental Care for Low Income Seniors: The Ontario Government offers access to free, routine dental care for eligible seniors 65 years or older, through the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program. – CLICK HERE

Dental Services:  The Canadian Dental Association promotes maintenance of healthy teeth and gums for your whole life. – CLICK HERE

Finding a Doctor: Health Care Connect helps Ontarians who are without a family health care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner) to find one. – CLICK HERE

MedsCheck Program: The Ontario Pharmaceutical Association offers the MedsCheck medication review providing an opportunity for pharmacists to meet one-on-one with patients, helping them to identify and resolve common medication-related issues in order to get the most benefit from their medication. -CLICK HERE

Naturopathic Health Care:  WebMD illustrates more about naturopathic medicine as it focuses on education and prevention. – CLICK HERE

Prescription Refill Online: Check with your local pharmacist.

Mental Health:

Bereavement:  Grief Share helps to find a grief support group near   you. – CLICK HERE

Bereaved Families of Ontario South Central:  Bereaved Families of Ontario South Central is a non profit organization whose purpose is to provide free professionally supervised, peer to peer support programs for grieving families. -CLICK HERE

Bounce Back Ontario:  The Ontario Government provides opportunities for seniors to talk to a coach or watch videos with tips on managing mood, building confidence and living healthy. –CLICK HERE

Depression Support:  Connex Ontario provides free 24/7 support and counselling. – CLICK HERE

Elder Abuse:

Elder Abuse Awareness: It’s Not Right:  Download a booklet that details elder abuse, how to recognize it and where you can turn for support. – CLICK HERE or  CLICK HERE

Brant Elder Abuse Awareness Committee:CLICK HERE

City of Brantford Strategy on Elder Abuse: CLICK HERE 

Grief:  The death of someone we care about can be one of the most difficult experiences of life.  McCleister Funeral Home teaches about the stages of grief and how to help yourself and others through the difficult process. – CLICK HERE

Grief Library: The “Grief Library” is full of articles about taking care of yourself and/or taking care of others during the grieving process. – CLICK HERE

Mindset: Read inspirational articles to provide the inspiration needed to get the most from life after 60. – CLICK HERE

Music: Music therapy is explored as medicine for seniors and caregivers. – CLICK HERE

Outpatient and Outreach Programs for Seniors:  St Joseph’s Healthcare provides high quality and responsive mental health care for seniors. Call 1-905-522-1155, ext. 36396.  A doctor referral is required -CLICK HERE

Pets- The Healing Power of Pets: Learn more about the countless emotional and physical benefits of seniors owning pets. – CLICK HERE

Pets-Benefits for the Whole Family of Having a Pet: Animals A2Z provides an in-depth review of the various physical, mental and emotional benefits of owning a pet. – CLICK HERE

Pets- Benefits of Ownership in Older Adults:  Sixty and Me provides a guide which covers why older adults should own a pet including some suggestions for how to bring a pet into your life if owning one isn’t quite right. –CLICK HERE

Resources and Tips:  Canadian Mental Health Association provides mental health resources and tips on getting help when you need it most. – CLICK HERE

Stress and Mental Health:  Aging Parents Canada offers information regarding meditation and how it can help with stress and mental health for both caregivers and seniors. – CLICK HERE

Supports: The City of Brantford has developed a list of mental health support resources that can be accessed in our community. – CLICK HERE 

Togetherall:  Ontario Shores provides access to a 24/7 online peer to peer support community for your mental health with self guided courses and resources. – CLICK HERE

Wellness Together Canada:  The Canadian Government  provides access to free educational mental wellness resources, e-courses and counseling. – CLICK HERE


Planning for the Future:

Advanced Care Planning:  Advanced care planning is a process of thinking about and sharing your wishes for future health care. It can help you tell others what would be important if you were ill and unable to communicate. – CLICK HERE

Donation of Blood, Organs and Tissue:  The Government of Canada educates on how blood, organ and tissue donation improves health and saves lives. – CLICK HERE

Emergency Preparedness: The Count of Brant offers a list of emergency preparedness tips and resources. – CLICK HERE

Estate Planning: The Government of Ontario provides information about estate planning, consumer issues as well as preparing for emergencies. – CLICK HERE

Funeral Planning: The Government of Canada offers what to consider when planning and paying for your funeral in advance. Also learn more about naming or being an estate representative. – CLICK HERE

Power of Attorney: Community Legal Education Ontario offers download booklets on power of attorney for both personal care and property. – CLICK HERE

Wills- Guided Pathway to Help You Make A Simple Will: CLEO provides a free simple online tool to create a simple will and appoint an executor for your estate. The Pathway asks you a series of questions about your situation, gives you information to help answer them, and creates a simple will based on your answers.  Any personal information that you enter into the Pathway is confidential. – CLICK HERE

Wills- Making Them and Updating Them:  The Government of Canada outlines a will as a legal document that says how you want your estate to be divided once you die. – CLICK HERE


Falls Prevention:  Health Canada presents this article discussing preventing falls in and around your home: – CLICK HERE

A Complete Guide to Ergonomics and Seniors Safety Guide:  Seat Up provides a guide to outline the importance of implementing good and practical ergonomics in our every day common activities and how to avoid strain and aches. – CLICK HERE

Older Drivers:  The Ottawa Council on Aging provides a tip sheet with reminders for older drivers to refresh their knowledge of the current rules of the road.  -CLICK HERE

Safety in the Home Program:  The VON provides free home assessments and recommendations to help older adults stay safe in their homes * includes installation of grab bars, home repairs, and snow removal to prevent falls * referrals to other services * fall prevention education. –  CLICK HERE

Safe Living at Home Guide:  The Government of Canada provides an in-depth guide to home safety for seniors. – CLICK HERE

Safety Training-CPR:  Heart and Stroke presents the 2019 Guidelines Updates for Instructors. – CLICK HERE

Seniors Tool Kit:

The Brant Elder Abuse Awareness Committee provides a practical handbook for seniors to find resources and information on staying safe and keeping healthy. -CLICK HERE

Spirituality and Aging-A Guide for Seniors on Faith, Meaning and Connection:

Learn how getting older tends to deepen a person’s longing for the very things that a spiritual life can provide—things like a sense of comfort, meaning, purpose, and connection. – CLICK HERE

Social Isolation and Social Innovation Toolkit:

The Government of Canada helps to gain a better understanding of the issue and finding solutions to senior social isolation. – CLICK HERE

Tax Filing Support:

The City of Branford recognizes that their may be residents who have had challenges submitting their taxes due to the impact of COVID.  Organizations are available to assist with filing your taxes at low to no costs.  –CLICK HERE